Commercial and private commissions

Henkes Restaurant Shanghai - 2016

'Untitled' 2014 Oil on canvas 4 x 2m

'Untitled' 2014 Oil on canvas 4 x 2m

The Henkes collection is part of the visual ambiance of the Henkes restaurant in Shanghai China, contributing to a space built for casual modern dining. The 'Henkes' (413cm x 300cm oil on canvas) diptych is installed in the Trattoria, whilst the Café & Wine bar houses the series of works on paper titled 'Henry Henkes had a wife called Rosina'. 

Henry Henkes was owner and chef Craig’s Willis' great grandfather. Originally from Germany, Henry migrated to Australia in 1800’s where he and his wife ran a family business, the ‘Henkes Bakery & Refreshment Rooms’ in the country town of Orange in New South Wales Australia. These gestural works serve to reference the names of a family that continues to inspire contemporary food, atmosphere and dining.

To view these works visit:

Henkes Restaurant Réel Shanghai Department Store 1E, 1601 Nanjing Xi Lu Shanghai 3253 0889

 View the collection 'Henry Henkes had a wife called Rosina'


Swatch Gallery Shanghai - 2014

'Spring' Oil on canvas 2 x 3 m

Oil on canvas 2 x 3 m

In 2013 I painted a series of works ‘Spring’ that we’re installed in a public corridor in a busy dining hub on Anfu Lu in the former French Concession in Shanghai.

The vibrant palette and sweeping gestural marks signified the changing seasons, my intention was to create an uplifting visual experience for those wandering through the dark hallway.
Many of these paintings found homes with local residents and I continue to receive messages of the joy these works bring to their owners. This large 2 x 3m ‘Spring’ was the only painting from that series that remained and when in residence at Swatch I had this painting in my studio. Coincidentally the colour palette was an exact match to the palette that Swatch chose throughout their Nanjing Lu store in 2014

When Carlo Giordanetti the creative director for The Swatch Art Peace Hotel visited my studio he insisted that Swatch acquire this piece to compliment their aesthetic. It felt like the work found its home with Swatch.

Commercial projects can be an incredibly encouraging process that has given momentum to the public reach of my art and expanded the scope of my ideas for public based projects.

Limitless possibilities can be accessed in public engagement and commercial based commissions. Creating works that are engaging and invite people to take notice of their surroundings is a rewarding process that in so many ways bridges connection and emphasises art as as a tool for communication.