Exhibitions 2009 - 2011


Suspended Arrival - 2009


Suspended Arrival - 2009

The Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center Shanghai China

November 11- December 15 2009  

Suspended Arrival is a body of work on paper that is a direct response to my surroundings, daily comings and goings and a reflection of my environment both physically and emotionally. The outcome was a layering of histories and surfaces.

The evolution of Suspended Arrival has spanned more than two years, originating in my studio in Australia and taking form in 2009 in Shanghai, China. The metamorphosis of my work over this period culminated in the addition of small artist's books and two larger pieces that seemed essential in order to reinforce the original sentiment of falling.

Drawing for me is no less or more important than any other medium. It is a way in which I fill space, remember experiences and respond to this incredible world in which we live. Living in Shanghai is a continual process of merging into another culture whilst simultaneously departing from my own.

Suspended Arrival is material evidence derived from this intense, multi-layered experience of place made tangible by the simple repetitive act of drawing.


The Ground Beneath Our Feet - 2010


The Ground Beneath Our Feet - 2010

A site specific installation at The Elisabeth de Brabant Art Pavilion1933 Shanghai China

Living in downtown Shanghai there are very few spaces available where you can run, walk, skip or stand on the grass in the parked areas. In most of the parks you are not allowed to walk on the grass and if you do you are promptly instructed to get off the grass by the whistle blowing security guards. Coming from Byron Bay Australia where there is an abundance of grassed park areas that you can engage and run freely in, this restriction has often felt incredibly frustrating.  As a response to the dark history of the 1933 abattoir site and to the lack of grassed areas accessible in the inner city Shanghai area I lived in. I installed a large grassed area “The Ground Beneath Our Feet” encouraging people to engage with it and also bring a sense of aliveness to a building with such a dark history of slaughter.

April 2010 Elisabeth de Brabant Art Pavilion at 1933, 3F 10 Shajing Road, near Jiu Long Bing Guan, Hongkou Distric Shanghai, China.

Mediums: Turf /wood / sand : 5mt x 5mt Duration: 10 days


Centennial Celebration of Women in Art, Shanghai Art Museum - 2010


Centennial Celebration of Women in Art, Shanghai Art Museum - 2010

Press release from The Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center -

The Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center is proud to announce that from March 7 to 11 2010, artist Caitlin Reilly Chosen by the Australian Consulate and Xiao Hui Wang will be participating in the Centennial Celebration of Women in Art "World Artists" Exhibition that will take place at the Shanghai Art Museum in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the International Women's Day.

This event has been organized by the Shanghai Women's Federation in cooperation with Consular Spouses Shanghai, Shanghai Artists Association and Shanghai Female Artists Association, as well as the Shanghai Art Museum. The exhibition will be curated by Mati Cuenca from Museum of Contemporary Art.



Village of Bliss - 2011

Shanghai, China

A series of twelve oil paintings.

It was with delight and gratitude for the past year in Shanghai, in the surroundings of Fu Lu Cun (Village of Bliss) on Jianguo Xi Lu, inspired by my friendship with Ying from "A Day in Blossom" (Flower Salon at 3 Hunan Lu) that I journeyed into the world of colour that flowers ignite. 

These works are mementos of the passage from winter to spring, the growth and nurture of friendship, and the hope that flowers bring. 

The flowers of this time renunculas, orchids, and sometimes lilies placed in vases bought from the local markets and bric-a-brac shops for me now are preserved. These vessels, their layered history imbedded within these paintings will forever remind me of Shanghai.